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Digital Art (New AND Temporary)
OREL's Finest Female Assassin - Kyla (With Wrap) by LucarioZelda2000
Jakku Kurochi in Fire Emblem  by LucarioZelda2000
Kenji the Inu by LucarioZelda2000
SNOW! YES! Finally! by LucarioZelda2000
Haruka Kokonose - Yuukei Yesterday by LucarioZelda2000
Ukyo by LucarioZelda2000
This takes A LOT of time to do. Which is why they're higher priced.
Ranges from 25 :points: to 40 :points:.
Traditional Art
Kyla by LucarioZelda2000
Sora Tsuki by LucarioZelda2000
My New OC Kyla by LucarioZelda2000
Jax the Original by LucarioZelda2000
I generally draw people in the anime style. I can draw your human, elf, neko, or inu OC for you.
It'll range from 10 to 30 :points:.
I do not recommend this one if you're a perfectionist, I mess up alot with traditional drawings...
15 to 30 :points: if you want a group picture.
Chibi Jakku by LucarioZelda2000
Kaito Wants A Hug by LucarioZelda2000
Chibi Randomness - Collab by LucarioZelda2000
YOU'RE NOT JAK-KUU SENPAI!!! by LucarioZelda2000
Chibi Compatibility- Collab  by LucarioZelda2000
Ranges from 5 to 10 :points:.
Manga / Comics
I...I Want My Brother Back!!! by LucarioZelda2000
The Handmade Dream Catcher... by LucarioZelda2000
Kurochi Family Drama - Comic/Manga by LucarioZelda2000
So You're the Kurochi Boy Everyone Talks About... by LucarioZelda2000
Multiple panels depicting different scenes all on one paper, read from right to left. These take awhile.
Traditional ones will range from 15 to 30 :points:.
Digital ones will range from 20 :points: to 50 :points:.
Adoptable - Leslina  by LucarioZelda2000
Adoptable - Murasaki  by LucarioZelda2000
Adoptable - Hunter by LucarioZelda2000
Adoptable- Cole by LucarioZelda2000
Adoptable - Rina (Adopted) by LucarioZelda2000
I will make adoptable OC's for you to own that will range from 5 to 20 :points:


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I want to get membership to change my username.
I do points for llamas too.

2,396 is how much it said I needed...

Work For Points "Stamp" by Nessarie

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Alexis D.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm an otaku, gamer, artist, author, singer and keyboardist/pianist.

Currently writing, designing, plotting, etc. my own series/videogame called: BlackHeart - Artificial Soul.

My Chatroom:…

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I post a lot of stuff in my scraps...
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Jax...What are you doing...? - (Animated)
He's just like: "Hey guys.~"
The only thing I hate about this is how his hair came out.

Jax belongs to me.
Classic Jak - (Animated)
Classic Jak Kurochi
*Happy sigh* This came out amazingly...!~ I am a dummy!
Ah, the nostalgia. Kinda. Not everything from the old version of my story brings back good memories...I was looking back at my extremely old BlackHeart drawings and decided to draw Jak in his old clothes

The differences between old Jak and new Jak.
1. His name. I still remember it.
Jaken'nakokoro Akaiame Kurozundachi
A mouthful, I know. It's been shortened to...
Jakku Akatsu Kurochi
2.His age also changed from being 28 to 17.
3.The personality is a little different too,
Old Jak was a bit emo and harsh and always serious. And he had anger issues.
I softened new Jak up a little. He's much more thoughtful now, and of course everyone has bad days, but he handles it much better than before.
We both want to facepalm as we recall his old behavior and sassy attitude.
4.The clothes and coloring changed a little. He still has a lot of greys, blacks, and whites. Before the only red thing about him was his eyes, but now I have red accenting/highlighting a lot of his new color scheme. The clothes change a lot. His hair now has red highlights in it too.
He still has a black jacket, he will always have that. As well as the white shirt under it. His old outfit was meant to cover as much of his skin as possible, because it would reveal his Kurayami/Kurozundachi markings.
The marking appearance changed too. Plus, now the markings only show before/during/after a red moon and/or before and during his seal breaking.
5.Before, there technically was no Jax. He was simply referred to as "Dark Jak". But now I have developed Jax as a full-on, legit, character, who's actually not that bad, unless you somehow anger or upset him. Then he just becomes psychotic. But he's usually just mischievous and pervy. And overpowered. He's complicated.

Basically, Jak/Jax has gone through a lot of changes.

My other characters, like the rest of the Kurochi family, have gone through a lot of changes too.

Onizoru went from being evil to just an asshole dad.
He still tries to keep Jak from getting the shards, for slightly good motives this time. So he's a complicated protagonist and antagonist. He's only a little softened up.
He still loves his waifu Kiseka very much though. X3

Kaito went from being an annoying, pervy, jerk to a happy-go-lucky, lovey-dovey, and feminine guy, and still a bit pervy. XD
He was an antagonist in the beginning in the original, but slowly converted to good some time after seeing Jak again. In the new version, he's a protagonist the very second he sees Jak again. X)
I softened Kaito up too.

Hagane...oh dear Jesus...he was bad.
When he was the antagonist in the original story, he did some pretty fucked-up stuff. Now, when he's the antagonist in the beginning, he is more serious, because he does have a pretty sad back story...the story of what caused him to turn bad. (Slight spoiler?) But just like in the original story, he does revert back to good. (As you have probably seen in my recent pictures.) He does everything he can to make up for what he did, and definitely makes sure he's the best father he can be for Kaito. Since he wasn't really there for him in the beginning...
He usually is serious, only a little "emo"(still feeling guilty), but he can still joke around and be a bit dirty minded. But in a more humorous and lighthearted way.
I definitely softened Hagane up.

A non-Kurochi character that changed a lot is Zyra. Or originally Zeruda. Another name was Zemillia.
Zeruda was based off of Zelda, so an FC. Obviously, if I wanted to make my story a legit, new, and original anime/game/whatever, I need original characters. So I ditched Zeruda.
I later made little Zyra. Now the only thing is that the names both start with Z. Zyra is also a lot younger than Zeruda. And the colors changed. And the outfit changed. AND the personality. And...yeah. You get it.
Zyra is a little princess that only shows in the beginning of the story, because well (spoiler alert) ...Jak...kinda...out-lives she...passed away. That was a feel-stabber when he found that out...
Damn 6000 year long Kurochi life span...
*Ahem* Anyway. Yeah, Zyra/Zeruda changed a lot too.

Jakku, Kaito, Hagane, Onizoru, Kiseka, and Zyra all belong to me.

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